Monday, September 1, 2008

So Long Summer

I know that we haven't posted at all this summer, or this year for that matter, but I figured I'd post some photos of the cooking and feasting extravaganzas we've had this summer. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed eating all this great stuff!

I only wish I would have taken more photos this summer. Johnnycakes has become a barbecue master while I continue to eat and experiment with whatever comes to mind.


Liz said...

This all makes me insanely hungry, and very sad to see summer start to fade. My husband and I still manage to fire up the grill year round. But there is nothing better than standing by the grill, drinking a beer, and talking to friends, with a summer breeze rolling through....

Super Yoss said...

I love to eat almost every our "Indonesian Food" (traditional or modern). But I love to WATCH (just watch, because we so far away from you) every FOOD in internet.

If I stay near you, I will ask you those food and eat a lot of them! Wawwww (crying loudly)