Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July Bash

I know I have been woefully neglectful of my blog this past week but the mid-week holiday has sort of thrown us for a loop. Johhnycakes and I hosted a small 4th of July bash at our house for about 10-12 people. We did plenty of cooking but I'm sad to say that I didn't take to many pictures or make too many original recipes. I was so busy getting the house ready and cooking that I didn't take any blog-related photos. The party goers were mostly neighbors so everyone sort of pitched in and brought a dish. I have to say it was quite a spread.

Here is a list of dishes served at our party:

- honey mustard pork tenderloin

- burgers

- hot dogs

- Italian sausage

- peppers and onions

- orzo pasta salad (yum!)

- corn on the cob with cilantro lime butter

- cheesy potatoes

- corn casserole

- mixed greens with apples, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese

- jalapenos stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and cream cheese wrapped in bacon

- brownies

- strawberry pretzel pie

- plenty of margaritas and pina coladas

I know that it is a shame that I don't have many photos or recipes to share after I just listed all those delicious dishes. I would say the most popular dish was definitely the cheesy potatoes, followed by the brownies. Sad to say, I didn't make any of those items.

It's definitely part of the holiday fun to cook and feast with all your friends and family.
Too bad all the rain drove the party inside. As you can see from the photo, we had to scramble and bring all the food inside. Things got a little chaotic and everything ended up smashed together on the table.

Good times were had by all! Our house is small and parking is atrocious in our neighborhood so it's pretty rare for us to entertain. I would say our little party was a success.

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