Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sensational Summer Spring Roll

Johnnycakes and I sampled the most delicious fresh spring rolls today from the Baltimore City Farmers Market. One our favorite stands recently started selling fresh spring rolls. They have been selling delicious coconut sticky rice with mango and fried variety of spring roll for some time but last weekend we noticed a man at the stand hand rolling fresh spring rolls.

They looked so fresh that we couldn't pass them up. The stand sells both tofu and shrimp fresh spring rolls with an Asian dipping sauce. I believe we paid $3.00 for two shrimp rolls. I'm not sure if the tofu was the same price.

It was tough to wait until we got home to eat the rolls but we wanted to truly enjoy them since we had eaten a couple of other goodies already.

The shrimp looked like they were going to explode out the top of the transparent rice wrappers. We topped the beautiful creations with the Asian influenced dipping sauce and dug in. The rolls were busting with fresh rice vermicelli, lettuce, cilantro and shrimp. The flavor was very fresh. I ended up just using my hands to dip the roll into the sauce instead of a fork.

This little snack is perfect because it's healthy and tasty so you don't feel guilty after eating it unlike so many other items at at the Farmers Market. The worst thing about the roll is that I ate it too quickly and only had one. Maybe next time we'll buy the shrimp and the tofu kind so that it lasts longer:)

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