Monday, July 30, 2007

A Dinner of Redemption

Tonight's dinner was all about redeeming ourselves for our week of eating junk and not cooking. We decided to not go too bold and start off easy. I was able to "redeem" myself by preparing the corn on the cob and purple "green" beans from last week's Farmer's Market. I was afraid that the corn would be rotten from remaining inside the husks all week but they were fine. The beans were still nice and crisp and not slimy or anything. We marinated and prepared our honey blackened pork ( and buttered veggies. Oh, and the purple green beans didn't stay purple just as others said. They were quite ordinary looking by the time they were done.

Okay. So we're back in business as far as dinner is concerned. Let's hope we can keep this up throughout the week!

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