Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blackened Honey Pork

Despite a time crunch and some pressing domestic duties, we managed to crank out a nutritious and delicious dinner in Couple of Cooks style.

We enjoyed a crispy and sweet pork tenderloin, grilled yellow squash and zucchini and baked potatoes topped with a store bought guacamole sauce. Oh, and don't let me forget a garden salad as an appetizer with carrots, cucumbers, beets, croutons and Kraft Asian Sesame dressing (It's really good!).

Pork Tenderloin Marinade

2 TBSP. honey

2 TBSP. Dijon Mustard

1 tsp. thyme

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

salt and pepper

1/2 TBSP. Olive Oil

Coat the tenderloin with the marinade and refrigerate for at least a half hour before grilling.

Johnnycakes deserves all the credit for tonight's feast. All I did was cook two mini Russet potatoes in the microwave until soft. He accidentally let the pork get a little crispy because he was talking to some neighbors while the meat and squash were on the grill. Before he knew it, the tenderloin was charred and blackened on one side. It didn't matter thought because we both thought the smoky, crispy, charred flavor enhanced the sweetness from the honey marinade. We seasoned the cooked meat with some salt and it was extra tasty.

The veggies were pretty straightforward. I had extra guacamole sauce from the taco dip I made on Sunday and thought it might be fun to try on the the potato. It was a good idea because it gave it a little extra zip and it's always fun to try something new!

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Rachel said...

the pork looks great! I love that crust!