Wednesday, June 20, 2007

La Bandeja

Tonight's dinner evolved into a mini feast without too much prior planning or thinking. When I was photographing the delicious spread, a phrase came to mind that Johnncake's Mom uses. Johnnycakes family is Colombian and they call a large platter a "bandeja". I hope the Spanish is correct.

We are heading to the beach again tomorrow for four days (just in case you are wondering why the blog is silent) and are trying to get eat things that might spoil before we go. Tonight's dinner was comprised of many things we had in the fridge.

The platter, or bandeja, contained sirloin steak marinated in a cumin, garlic, paprika rub topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions, tejadas (fresh sliced plantains), garlic and onion black beans and fresh garden salad topped with a raspberry vinaigrette.

We made this dinner very quickly after a grueling 45 minute jog to Fort McHenry. Johnnycakes took control of the pre-rubbed steak, and mushrooms and onions while I prepared the black beans and onions, garden salad and the tejadas were a team effort.
The result? A "muy delicioso" variety platter, or bandeja, that featured a lot of Latin influenced flavors. What a feast!

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