Monday, June 4, 2007

Pork with a Knife and Fork

An evening thunderstorm almost derailed our plans to cookout but the skies cleared and dinner was back on. Tonight's dinner was mainly a Johnnycakes effort and I must applaud him on a tasty meal.

We bought four monster pork chops at the grocery store last night night and put two into the freezer for another night. We marinated the other two pork chops in our Baltimore City Farmers Market "Nicks Rub", a blend of barbecue spices, overnight. The cuts were pretty fatty which made them extra juicy and tender. We cut the chops up into bite size morsels with our fork and knives, hence the title of this post and dug in. We soaked fresh asparagus in an olive oil, lemon zest and garlic blend and Johnnycakes assembled little "rafts" using skewers to keep the asparagus together while cooking on grill. A can of baked beans and we had a balanced meal! The highlight was homemade barbecue that our neighbor Dave made yesterday. It was sweet and tangy and it was great on top of the juicy pork.

Nothing too fancy but a balanced meal, nonetheless!

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