Friday, June 29, 2007

"Easy Blac" Instead of Easy Mac

The cooking funk sort of continues but we managed to pull something off. Tonight's dinner was thrown together rather quickly but it turned out to be really delicious and tasty. We had very little groceries in the house which necessitated a trip to the grocery store if we were going to have dinner in tonight.

Johnnycakes wanted a garden burger and I suggested black bean burgers instead. I picked up the frozen Morningstar spicy black bean burgers and some Portugese Onion rolls at Shoppers Food Wharehouse and some other fixins and we were on our way.

I microwaved a huge sweetpotato for us to split while Johnnycakes grilled the black bean burgers, red onion and red pepper. We each had our own style when it came to assembling the burgers. In addition to cheddar cheese and the grilled veggies, I topped mine with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa and a bit of lime juice. Johnnycakes went more traditional with an LTM.

We each enjoyed our burgers and sweet potatoes tremendously despite differing styles. That's how Friday night dinners should be: healthy, cheap and convenient!

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