Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Couple of Cooks

Food. We all need it to survive. It’s up to us to choose the quality and quantity we consume. I am hoping that this entry is the start of a committed effort on my part to share with the interested few my husband and I's fondness for cooking and eating in the form of this web log, or BLOG.

As the title of this blog indicates, this is really about the kitchen adventures of both my husband, Johnnycakes, and myself. Or as Johnnycakes fondly calls me, Butters. A Couple of Cooks is inspired by the fact that we share most of the kitchen responsibilities. Our busy schedules demand that we share the workload associated with cooking. Team work is the key to our kitchen success! Otherwise, we’d be eating out every evening! The division of labor usually means that one of us will do the prep work such as washing, chopping, shredding, the veggies, meat, etc., while the other one does the actual cooking (i.e. putting the food over a flame) and we usually split clean up duties such as the dishes and sweeping up. Or sometimes one of us is too tired to even think about cooking and the other one will pick up the slack. This ensures a home cooked meal 9 out of 10 times.

I tend to be more communicative than Johnnycakes, so I'll be the primary correspondent of our culinary whims. The desire to share the intimacies and intricacies, or lack thereof, of my palette springs from my lifelong love of eating and sometimes love of cooking. Food snobs beware! This is not meant to be a sophisticated commentary in any way. All content will be generated from our South Baltimore kitchen and communicated through that lens. I see this blog taking shape as a sort of diary or journal of the meals my husband, Johnnycakes, and Iprepare and consume. In short, I hope it is a celebration of food and a good showcase of the everyday cooking and preparation techniques of a young professional couple running a small household. Home economics, Health and Convenience are the themes of this blog.

Butters: What ever I am craving that day, which usually runs the gamut between Tex Mex, Italian, barbecue, southern cooking and Asian influence. I also like to bake on occasion but I’m not that great at it. I am also always trying to save a buck so my will to cook is driven by that desire much of the time. I also try to be somewhat health conscious and I feel that preparing meals at home helps to save on calories and fat . I try to make it to the gym or do some form of workout every evening. This is the main driver behind the convenience theme and the need for teamwork in the kitchen.

I think that Johnnycakes is more creative in the kitchen and I tend to be more practical and “let’s get dinner on the table” oriented. I like to think our styles meet somewhere in the middle.
If I were a food network star, who would I be: GIADA! I love her. Her show is a joy to watch and her food is excellent. As an Italian American, I feel that she has helped me reconnect with my heritage as an Italian. I have taken an active interest in Italian cooking thanks to her!
Training: Who needs Le Cordon Bleu when you’ve got the Food Network? Johnnycakes and I’s Saturday Morning ritual of watching the Food Network has really expanded my interest in cooking. I would definitely have to credit my mother. She is a stay-at-home Mom/Grandmom and was always making delicious and nutritious dinners. She is always making something for some party or event and always makes enough food for an army. I also took 3 years of Foods and Nutrition in the Home Economics department of my high school. I feel that helped me become familiar w/ the kitchen, cleaning up after myself and I learned the concepts of meal planning.

Dream: I would love to take cooking class vacation in Italy with Johnnycakes.

Johnnycakes: Johnnycakes mom is an excellent and traditional Colombian cook and so he spent a lot of time in the kitchen with his mom eating and helping out.

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