Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Kitchen is Closed

Johnnycakes and I were pretty worn out tonight and didn't feel like cooking too much. We still haven't made it to the grocery store and we don't have any meat in the freezer for a full scale dinner. I'm sure others can relate to a desire to just put a hassle free dinner on the table without ordering takeout or going to a restaurant. We had a "Palermo's" frozen pepperoni pizza in the freezer for just such an occasion. Shoppers Food Warehouse sells Palermos Pizzas for $2.50 for a 12-inch pie! You just can't beat that. We did doctor up the pizza a bit. We topped the pizza with fresh tomato, chopped onion, chopped broccoli, grated Parmesan cheese and garlic powder. After about twelve minutes in the oven at 450 degrees, we dug in! I honestly have to say the pizza tasted great. The tomato and freshly grated cheese really added a lot of flavor.

I know that tonight's dinner is not exactly a culinary achievement. In fact, it's kind of pathetic but it's reality. It also didn't quite meet the third Couple of Cooks criteria (1. convenience 2. economical and 3. healthily) of being healthy but I estimate that two slices of the pizza was about 550 calories which is definitely reasonable.

I know it's nothing fancy but I hope others can relate to this dinner of convenience!

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