Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tacos Pescados

Johnnycakes and I have been quite the land rovers lately and have not been eating much fresh seafood. Tonight was a perfect evening for one of our favorite meals; fish tacos. Johnnycakes speaks Spanish so I often like to practice my Spanish with him, hence the Tacos Pescados translation. I realize there should probably be a "de" or a "del" between the Taco and Pescados but I like the way just "Tacos Pescados" sounds.

Our Wal-Mart trip produced two new additions to our kitchen gadgetry that played a role in tonight's dinner. Since we are new to the grilling world, we have been humoring our desire for nifty grilling accessories. Last night we picked up a fish basket. We also happened to pick up some new oven mitts out of pure necessity. We've been really scrounging. Though we didn't think about it at the time, the yellow oven mitt (I'm not sure what these little ones are actually called) was a perfect fit! It really came in handy on the hot grill.

Since we haven't been to the "real" grocery store since returning from the beach, I popped in the Cross Street Market tonight on my way home and visited my local fish monger. I will have to snap some shots the next time I go. I purchased about 3/4 lb of Tilapia for the tacos for about $3.00. I read that Tilapia's mild flavor is good for fish tacos. Mahi Mahi is good as well. I also picked up a fresh tomato and some limes for extra flavoring.

I sprinkled the fish with salt, pepper, cumin and 1/2 a lime and let it sit for about 30 minutes. After the fish soaked up the flavors, Johnnycakes grilled the fish in the fish basket for about 20 minutes. We also grilled some red onion in foil on the upper rack and toasted some corn tortillas for the taco shells.

As for the toppings, I prepared the chopped tomato, chopped lettuce, grated some reduced fat cheddar cheese, picked some fresh cilantro and mixed some taco seasoning with reduced fat sour cream. I also chopped some more lime for additional flavor. For a side item, I heated some vegetarian refried beans on the stove top. I spiced it up a bit with some taco seasoning and garlic.

We each topped our crispy taco shells with grilled fish and toppings to our liking. Mine is featured at the top and Johnnycakes creation is below.

Once again, team work was the key to our healthy and delicious dinner! Oh, and there is enough leftover for my lunch tomorrow. YUM!

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