Monday, May 14, 2007

A Poor Showing

I thought tonight would be a good opportunity to "kick-off" the Couple of Cooks blog with our first home prepared dinner. In true couple of cooks fashion, we planned a team effort dinner. We planned to prepare a pork roast in the slow cooker with TBD sides. We thawed the pork roast during the day yesterday and Johnnycakes seasoned the meat with our new "Nicks"(see May 13) Carolina barbecue rub overnight. I set the slow cooker out before work and Johnnycakes put the meat in the slow cooker on low heat with about a quarter cup each of white cooking wine and vinegar. I also set out a can of collard greens we could open later. While at work, I daydreamed about preparing cauliflower for a double vegetable whammy. When I got home, things had changed a bit. We overcooked the meat so that it was dry and Johnnycakes was making oven roasted potatoes that he "crinkle cut". This is where our meal planning broke down. He was headed out the door for a softball doubleheader and hadn't timed the french fries correctly. He ended up scarfing down a pork bbq sandwich over the sink with a handful of half cooked fries and a bite of the collards. I realize this is not an ideal situation for our first feature dinner. To make matters more complicated, his father is our house guest this week. Johhnycakes Sr. is known for his love to eat. His father prepared himself a plate Mothers Day leftovers consisting of chicken wings and tortellini with a side of pork bbq and collard greens. In a moment of weakness prior to my workout, I munched a cold chicken wing and a few bites of the dried up pork bbq without the bbq. It wasn't until a strength workout and a few potted plants later I sat down to a lackluster dinner, as pictured. I share these frustrations with you because I'm sure this is not uncommon for many households to rush through cooking and eating after a long day at work. Despite our best intentions, the kitchen can be a peculiar place where things don't always go our way.

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